We exist to make life's Jewish journey more meaningful together.

Our beliefs are more than values. They are the essence of who we are as a congregation and what drives us. When we truly, collectively believe in something, we are able to establish a powerful, collective effort.

we are a connected family

Family is at the core of our congregation. CBI is family - loving, supportive and available for guidance. CBI is the place where we share a bagel, a story and a shoulder to lean on when we are in need. When we come together as a community and find ways to celebrate together, have fun together, mourn together, learn together, volunteer together and pray together then we become a Kehillah Kedosha, a holy community.

Judaism is Always Relevant

We continue to grow and meet the challenges of a vastly changing world, using the traditions of Judaism to keep us together. Even though the Torah was written over 1,000 years ago for people who lived a very different life, God’s teachings are still relatable to our lives today. The Torah is not meant to be a history book, rather it is our guide; to question, to learn, to seek, to find and to help us become the best versions of ourselves.

we are here for you at every stage of life

Whether breaking a glass under the wedding chupah, passing on a cherished Hebrew family name to a new baby, sending your child to preschool, being called to the Torah to read the blessing of our ancestors or mourning a loved one’s passing, we are here to celebrate life’s simchas and support each other in times of need. These moments that we share together are core elements of making our Jewish journey more meaningful together.