Chanukah 2021 at Congregation B’nai Israel

Love and Light! Sunday, November 28th through Monday, December 6th

From Menorah Contests and Sufganiyot to Candle Lighting and Latkes & Libations, create Chanukah memories with your CBI Family!

Scroll down to find out our Chanukah "ch"appenings.


Delray Beach Candle Lighting with CBI's 2020/2021 Junior Choir

Sunday, November 28 at 5:30pm

Old School Square

Gather around for the majesty and tradition as we light the first Chanukah candle together as a community. The celebration takes place at Old School Square on November 28th, will be hosted by City Commissioners and local Rabbis and will feature CBI's Junior Choir. Take part in the Festival of Lights and enjoy traditional holiday treats like latkes and sufganiyot, kids' arts and crafts, dreidels, and Chanukah gelt.

SLJ Candle Lighting

Tuesday, November 30 at 5:45pm

Pollock Family Courtyard

We invite our SLJ students to join our CBI clergy to light the candles for the 3rd night of Chanukah.

For questions, please call the school office 561.241.1484.

CBI Executive Board Virtual Candle Lighting

Wednesday, December 1 at 6:30pm


Join us on the 4th night of Chanukah as our CBI Executive Board lights the candles.

Latkes and Libations

Thursday, December 2 at 7pm

Pollock Family Courtyard

Celebrate Chanukah with your CBI Brotherhood and WRJ / Sisterhood! Let’s light the candles and enjoy some light bites and cocktails together. Please bring an unwrapped toy or gift card for our holiday toy drive.

Chanukah Shabbat

Friday, December 3 at 6:15pm

Pollock Family Courtyard

Join us on the 6th night of Chanukah for our family-friendly Chanukah Shabbat celebration! Let’s celebrate together with latkes under the stars. We will announce the winners of our CBI Menorah Design Contest and light our menorahs together.

Ner Shel Tzedakah

The 6th night of Chanukah is devoted to learning about poverty. Ner Shel Tzedakah means the “candle of righteousness”. Please bring an unwrapped toy or gift card for our holiday toy drive. By making donations on this night, you will help our candle of righteousness glow brightly for those in need.

NCECE's Chanukarama

Sunday, December 5


Come and enjoy bounce houses, a wild animal show, tattoo artist, bubble show, latke market, arts & crafts, a gelt gram station, pizza and carnival treats, and our DJ, Miss Susan!

All proceeds will go towards enhancing the Imagination Playground. Please bring an unwrapped gift to donate to our toy drive.

SLJ's Menorah Design Contest

Let your imagination run wild and design and build a unique menorah with your family! Work together to create a family keepsake and then join us for Chanukah Shabbat to showcase your menorah.

The deadline to submit your menorah to the school office is December 2 at 7 pm. The 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners will be announced at Chanukah Shabbat on Friday, December 3.

This event is open to all CBI members and families. Everyone who enters will win a prize!

To coordinate your Menorah drop off and for questions, please call Sara Schenkman in the school office 561.241.1484 or email

Toy Collections

Help us spread the holiday spirit! We are collecting unwrapped toys and gift cards for children of all ages for our toy drive. Donations will be given to JAFCO Kids and Give Back Christmas to ensure children throughout the community have a toy to call their own this year.

Please drop off your donations in the blue bin in CBI’s Admin Circle during the below times or bring to Latkes & Libations, Chanukah Shabbat or Chanukarama.

  • Monday’s: 9:30am-11:30am or 3:30pm-5:30pm
  • Friday’s: 9:30am-11:30am

For questions, please call the office at 561.241.8118.


The Meaning of Chanukah

The word “Chanukah” means “dedication” in Hebrew and commemorates the victory of a small group of Jewish rebels (led by the Maccabees) over the armies of Syria and the subsequent liberation and “rededication” of the Temple in Jerusalem.

How to Play Dreidel

A favorite Chanukah activity is playing dreidel with friends and family. Legend attributes this custom to Jews during the time of the Hanukkah story who would grab a dreidel and start to play if Syrian soldiers entered the house during Torah study or prayer. Four Hebrew letters — nun, gimel, hey, and shin — adorn the sides of the dreidel; they represent the words nes gadol hayah sham, meaning “a great miracle happened there.” If you don’t know how to play this family-favorite, click below for a video tutorial.

Chanukah Recipes

Foods fried in oil are traditionally eaten during Chanukah to symbolize the miracle of oil that burned for eight days instead of one in the Chanukah story. Here are some yummy recipes that you can make with your family:

Lighting the Candles

The lighting of Chanukah candles goes according to a specific order and has blessings that accompany it.

On the first of Chanukah’s eight nights, only two candles are placed in the menorah: the shammash, or “helper” candle, which has its own designated spot (usually in the center), and another candle. Each night, another candle is added so that on the eighth and final night of Chanukah, nine candles (the shammas plus eight others) are lit.

The candles are placed in the menorah from right to left (just as Hebrew is written), but are lit from left to right. The shammash candle is always the first one lit and is used to light the others, starting with the left-most one.

Before lighting the candles (but after placing them in the menorah), we recite the blessings. Click below to download a printable PDF of them.

Family-Friendly Chanukah Playlist

Whether you're hosting a Chanukah party or simply want to turn on some Jewish tunes as you light the candles with your family, this Spotify playlist will keep you rockin’ all Chanukah long!