hope in gold Supporting Pediatric Cancer Warriors

Join Our Community in the Fight Against Neuroblastoma and Stand with a Brave CBI Family on Their Journey

Welcome to our "Hope in Gold" campaign, where love, strength, and community converge to support a courageous family in our synagogue battling Neuroblastoma, a rare childhood cancer. As we come together to rally behind them, we extend our arms to embrace, not only this family, but all families affected by pediatric cancer. This campaign is more than a call for awareness; it's a beacon of hope, uniting us in a shared commitment to fundraise for pediatric cancer organizations while shedding light on the remarkable journey of resilience undertaken by children facing neuroblastoma. Join us as we stand together, a powerful force against the challenges of pediatric cancer, and create a lasting impact for these brave young warriors.

julian's story

On Friday, December 2, 2022 our lives changed forever. Our son Julian aka “JuJu” became one of 800 kids a year in the United States affected by Neuroblastoma, a rare childhood cancer. We woke up that morning thinking we were going for a quick X-Ray of Julian’s hip and had every intention of making it back in time to school for Shabbat, his favorite day of the week. Our reality quickly changed when, after hours spent in the ER, we learned our lives would never be the same.

So what did we do? We wiped away our tears, we got up and made it our mission to educate ourselves on everything we could about this disease. We made a plan, and we started treatment days later.

We didn’t know it at the time, but his treatment would consist of five rounds of chemotherapy, two 11-hour resection surgeries, 24 rounds of radiation, 20 rounds of immunotherapy, blood and platelet transfusions, countless unplanned stays in the hospitals for weeks at a time and more at-home injections than I ever thought I would be administering on my 3 year old son.

While we as a family have known cancer, we didn’t know pediatric cancer. We didn’t know that there is a lack of government funding. We didn’t know that kids must leave their homes and travel to other states, sometimes other countries, for treatment. We didn’t know the financial strain it brings, we didn’t know the emotional toll it takes on not only the child, but the entire family. We just didn’t know, and why would we?

The world of pediatric cancer is without a doubt a devastating one, but what we’ve learned through this journey is the only way through it is by keeping a positive outlook on our reality. In doing so, we have also made it our mission to do better for those who can’t. We are raising awareness for the organizations making major dents in the world of pediatric cancer. We hope to help open the eyes of those in our community so you can see that even though this diagnosis is devastating, scary, and unpredictable, it should not be ignored.

Our HOPE is to encourage you to support us in making a difference for those who are not as lucky in their unlucky situation.

- Amiee Krasner Mittleman


Hope In Gold

Thursday, May 9

Join the Women of CBI for an empowering and heartfelt evening dedicated to supporting the journey through pediatric cancer. This exclusive women-only event at our CBI promises an atmosphere of unity and compassion. Four prominent pediatric cancer organizations will be present to share their impactful work. Your presence will not only raise awareness, but also contribute to vital funds for these organizations, as we stand together in solidarity with the Mittleman family. Let's come together, share stories, and make a lasting difference in the lives of those touched by pediatric cancer.

This event is sold out. If you are unable to attend the event, but would like to make a donation, click here.


For questions about this event, please contact our event chairs Amiee Mittleman, Laura Farber, Lenore Omesi or Rachel Silverman.

Julian's Lemonade Stand

At NCECE & SLJ's Purim Carnival
Sunday, March 10

Quench your thirst for compassion at our Purim Carnival as our dedicated preschool staff sets up a delightful lemonade stand, offering an array of lemon-flavored treats. Sip on refreshing lemonade, indulge in zesty delights, and join us in raising funds for Band of Parents.








partner organizations

Band of Parents

Band of Parents is a grassroots, nonprofit organization that funds innovative research and clinical trials for neuroblastoma, helping increase the survival rate for this childhood cancer. they are a support network for the newly diagnosed and their families as they go through treatment. Their goal is to fast track a cure using less toxic, targeted therapies.

Chai Lifeline

Chai Lifeline is a leading international children's health support network, providing social, emotional and financial support to children with life-threatening or lifelong illnesses and their families.

Camp Simcha

As a project of Chai Lifeline, Camp Simcha is a sleepaway camp for children and teens with cancer and blood disorders.

Healing Hearts

Finding the right doctor and most qualified hospital can be daunting. Understanding medical jargon and navigating through various treatment options can feel impossible. Healing Hearts, founded by a South Florida rabbi, provides crucial support including medical referral, insurance guidance, hospital kosher rooms, chesed homes and more.