am israel chai

In recent months, our Jewish community has faced tremendous challenges, yet amidst the trials, we find solace and inspiration in our unwavering commitment to supporting Am Israel, the people of Israel. These collective endeavors illuminate the truth that holiness is not solely found in our prayers and shared learning but also in our unity to effect tangible change for our brothers and sisters in Israel.

As a congregation, we are committed to providing meaningful support. Whether you wish to engage in discussions about the current situation, contribute essential items for those affected, or offer vital monetary support, CBI is your steadfast partner in making a difference. Together, we can provide much-needed assistance and strength to our brethren in Israel as they defend their homeland and the Jewish heritage.

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Israel Community Drive

The "Israel Community Drive" exemplifies the power of a caring community coming together to provide support and relief when it's needed most. In its first week, we sent over 16,000 pounds of supplies to Israel. We will be continuing collections for the foreseeable future.

At this time, we ask that you only purchase directly from our Amazon wishlist for delivery to CBI (select CBI c/o Alex as the delivery address), as the current needs are extremely specific.

A special thank you CBI members Sammy & Elizabeth Kaufman, owners of Kaufman Logistics; CBI members Rachel and Ian Weiner who generously donated warehouse space; Sean Rudnick, a Boca native and former IDF soldier who is currently in Israel ensuring that our donations get to where they are needed; and David Rosen and his Miami-based company, Kira Labs, who provided pallets, transportation and manpower throughout this entire endeavor.

  • 300,000 people evacuated from southern and northern Israel. They need housing, food, clothing, education.
    The unprecedented need for therapy to manage children's and adult's trauma is just beginning to surface. Survivors from some of the kibbutzim have been called "dead people walking."
  • Providing firefighting and protective equipment for civil defense – the first responders to community emergencies -- including radios, bulletproof vests, helmets, and tactical clothing.
  • Israel's food security is at risk as farmers from all over the country have been called up as reservists.
  • Children displaced from their homes and traumatized by terror need respite activities in their temporary communities.
  • 33,600 volunteers working across the country are checking on the elderly, infirm, and those unable to evacuate.
  • Support for the Hostage and Missing Families Forum, a non-profit created by the families of those kidnapped on October 7.
  • Support for the Nefesh B'Nefesh fund for the families of Lone Soldiers as well as to help bring physicians to Israel to help with medical needs.
  • The promise to rebuild communities devastated by the attacks and keep the spirits and hopes of the people who live there, strong.

Build a Bomb Shelter

As rockets are aimed at our friends and family in the South of Israel, Jewish National Fund-USA stands with the communities facing constant threat of rocket attack, along the border with Gaza and throughout Israel. Please join CBI in supporting Jewish National Fund-USA, which is on the ground every day helping our brothers and sisters in Israel, by beautifying and painting a bomb shelter.