Learning for life

One of the most important elements of Judaism has always been learning. Our Early Childhood, Religious School and Adult Education programs offer a fascinating journey through Jewish education and culture, which inspires our students to discover how Torah and tradition can guide them in their relationships within their families, friends and community.

Preschool Nadel Center for Early Childhood Education

Our dedicated staff nurtures and guides each student to ensure they receive a quality education, but most importantly, enjoy their time spent learning. Our students are taught through play and hands-on activities that promote creativity and self-expression. We encourage them to have fun, make discoveries, overcome new challenges and meet new friends.

Religious School Barry Ira Graff School for Living Judaism (SLJ)

We offer a unique experiential approach to Jewish education for students in K-12. Our program inspires Jewish children to forge friendships and creates a fun, fulfilling and meaningful experience based on Torah, Jewish beliefs, values, community, mitzvot, traditions and innovative teaching.