Preschool Our Curriculum & History

Nationally Accredited

The Nadel Center for Early Childhood Education (NCECE) has earned the distinction of being an APPLE accredited school. (Accredited Professional Preschool Learning Environment). This is a national early learning program accreditation and is accepted into the Gold Seal of Quality program. We are dedicated to maximizing each child’s potential by helping them develop their cognitive, motor, social/emotional and self-help skills while giving them a strong sense of identity through spiritual learning. We focus on building the total child by being a school of excellence, and in the process, our children teach us.

Our Curriculum

Our curriculum is based on a developmental approach where are our students are taught through play and hands-on, structured activities that promote creativity and self-expression. We encourage them to have fun, make discoveries, overcome new challenges, meet new friends and learn self-help skills.

Our students learn gross and fine motor skills, cognitive and social-emotional skills, language development as well as social studies, science and Judaic themes. They will be more than prepared for the primary grades ahead of them, academically as well as socially and emotionally.

Educating for over 30 years

The Nadel Center for Early Childhood Education (NCECE) at Congregation B’nai Israel was founded in October of 1989 and has grown to a program serving approximately 500 children and their families from 2 months to Pre-K.

Together, we build a strong foundation for our childrens' success.

Our dedicated staff nurtures and guides each student to foster a lifelong enthusiasm for learning. We believe that parents play a valuable part in the process. Your cooperation and input in school, plus your support at home, are all a part of the success of our program.

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