lifecycle events

marking important moments with meaning

The celebration of lifecycle events is a core element of making our Jewish journey more meaningful together. Whether breaking a glass under the wedding chuppah, passing on a cherished Hebrew family name to a new baby, being called to the Torah to read the blessing of our ancestors or mourning a loved one's passing, CBI is here for you.

Bar/Bat Mitzvahs Transitioning to adulthood

Judaism, both in belief and deed, is guided by mitzvot, those lessons of the ages that give structure, meaning and purpose to our lives. In our congregation, this important chapter in a child's life brings the entire family together to celebrate time-honored tradition and create a memorable Jewish experience.

weddings Sanctify your love and celebrate your marriage

Jewish weddings are more than a ceremony announcing a change in status from single to married. The wedding ceremony turns the couple into a symbol of the first love in the Garden of Eden. The unique customs and traditions of Judaism shape a couple's wedding day into a truly memorable and personal experience.