Comfort in Times of Sorrow

When a loved one passes away, every member of our congregation is touched by the loss. It’s through traditions and comfort from our community that we gain solace and ease our pain. The Jewish traditions associated with death and mourning not only speak to the preciousness of life, but are intended to help us in a loving way when we are feeling weak, afraid, bereft, and vulnerable. These time-tested observances help to calm us and heal us, enabling us to make the necessary adjustments to separation and loss.

Our clergy, staff and fellow members are here to support you. If you have any questions or would like to make an appointment with a member of our clergy, please contact Joanna Horowitz at 561.241.8118.

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In the Torah, our ancestors asked God to heal them in times of need. At Congregation B’nai Israel, our clergy and staff are here to comfort our synagogue family. We are here to offer prayer, guidance, counseling and support.


When sorrow comes, our clergy knows how to be there to support you in loving, and meaningful ways. In the case where the death is expected, the Rabbis are available to visit the ill and aged and to help their families in pre-need arrangements for the ceremony and funeral. Following the funeral, our clergy will be honored to lead the Shiva minyan services for the family as well.

To speak with a member of our clergy about a loss in your family, please contact Joanna Horowitz, Clergy Administrator at 561.241.8118

Cemetery Plots

Congregation B’nai Israel is able to provide burial plots for our members. We have a dedicated section in The Star of David in North Lauderdale. This location is ideal because in Florida, there are few areas that oer both easy and accessible plots along with an upright monument. Our section provides a water view and a paved walkway.

For more information, contact Steve Allen, Executive Director at 561.241.8118 ext. 101. 


The placing of a marker on a grave is a way to honor and show care for someone we love. Jewish tradition emphasizes the importance of not visiting a gravesite for the first thirty days after burial because the pain of our loss is strongest at that time. Placing a marker may happen any time after the thirty days, but usually occurs between eleven months and one year following death. It is necessary to contact the stone engraving company months before the unveiling in order to allow adequate time for this part of the process. Our clergy are available for consultation regarding what to inscribe on the stone. The date will also need to be reserved with the cemetery so that they may prepare the site. While some families request the assistance of a Rabbi for the service, the service does not require Rabbinical ociating. We are happy to provide you with copies of an “Unveiling Service” if you choose to lead the service on your own. 

To speak with a member of our clergy about an unveiling, please contact Joanna Horowitz, Clergy Administrator at 561.241.8118